Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

via train

Saturday morning I drove to Towne Lake Park and hiked on the McKinney Community Trail. I saw lots of Carolina chickadees, a red-bellied woodpecker, a downy woodpecker, and lots of gulls and ducks.
I spent the afternoon trying to sort out a bug in the computer media player Tomahawk with its developers. I was able to send them communications via an IRC line called Chatzilla. I thought that
a key problem (to wit: how to get the media player on my Linux computer to commune with the media player on my Windows computer). Though they were very helpful, I ran out of time before I ran out of
issue. Now Tomahawk does not really work. as it just scans in music I did not ask it to scan.

I did get a chance to watch a DVD I picked up at the used bookstore about a train ride from
Toronto to Vancouver. I looked for a familiar face when the film was on Yonge Street in Toronto (in 1993), but I saw no earnest music students in the video.

Later that afternoon, I did a walk in Glendover Park. This is the weekend of the Great Backyard Bird Count. I counted species by the pond. On my way home, I saw a lovely goldfinch.

american goldfinch february 16 2013 glendover park gbbc

The goldfinch held still for several photos. We do not get goldfinches in their bright Summer plumage. I saw my first Summer goldfinch a year or two ago when I did a bird walk in Lincoln, Nebraska.
It was a flying burst of yellow brilliance.

Saturday night we went to Texas Land and Cattle and had nice steaks. We then made an early evening of it. as we intended to go to Suncreek UMC early church on Sunday. A professor at Perkins School of Theology, Alyce McKenzie, was speaking. We wanted to hear her sermon. She was very thought-provoking, though the microphone was insufficiently amplified. I went back tonight to hear her speak about proverbs in three Old Testament Books. Appropos of a point she made of the self-importance of fools, I thought that when I am in a Methodist church, I always feel like a Unitarian Universalist, but when I am in Unitarian Universalist church, I always feel like a Methodist.

Most of today I spent with my young friend. I was grateful at Escape Coffee Shop when the staff was not disgruntled that he accidently tumped over his drink. We had lunch at Mr. Tofu, a good Korean place. We also walked at Oak Point Park.

I took Beatrice for a walk and counted more birds. Then I went to the service.
Then we watched Downton Abbey.

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