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Earlier this week, I thought about how this weekend is the Great Backyard Bird Count, but the weather is warm. Not to worry. A blue norther blew in and brought chills and wind. I will do my backyard bird count (and log it in) in suitably chilly weather.

Tonight we ate pizza and watched the movie "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", which we both loved.
Tomorrow I have the day free. Sunday I upload my secret mixter track. Today someone asked me if I'd like to release music on their netlabel. This made me happy. Then, on vimeo, a new video by ccKorea featured my song "Kindergarten". I was happy about this, too.

My Pengpod is great. I must work on the linux portion. The lubuntu installed on it is less user-friendly than the Fedora on my laptop, though that sounds completely odd to type.

Today is the 8th anniversary of my mother's passing. She was a strong, very kind person. She went to college not far from where I live now--about 40 miles down the road, at Texas Womens' University.
She taught for a year or two here in Dallas at the Hockaday School. Then she married my father and moved to Little Rock. She taught school at Central High in Little Rock during the dark Faubus days, when the 101st Airborne was called out to protect kids during the early stages of integration. I was born in San Antonio a few years later, on the Lackland Air Force Base. I lived there for a year, and in Amarillo, up near the Panhandle, for a couple of years. Then my parent moved back to their home area in Arkansas.
My mother later got her master's in school guidance counseling at Henderson State University.My wife and I both lost our mothers a bit earlier than the norm. Both fell victim to cancer. I am thankful for the mothers we had, and have, and will never forget.

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