Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

micro-SD arrival

eastern bluebird february 13 2013</a>

I stopped at Kroger to buy raisin bran on the way home. The store was filled with red balloons, flower arrangements, chocolates and greeting cards.

When I got home, I found that my pengpod case with keyboard arrived. The package included pre-loaded Linux micro-SD card. It took me a try or two, but I got it to boot up Lubuntu linux. As a touch screen, it does not do much good, but it works well with the keyboard. I like LXDE, so Lubuntu is just grand. It duals boots into Android 4.1, so I installed a Nook app on the android side. This was a very affordable tablet, and I'm delighted so far.

A co-worker told me about attracting Winter plumage goldfinches to her feeder. I'm getting used to Firefox once again. My main concern about Firefox was translation, since I read foreign weblogs.
But now I have a decent translation add-on on my browser.

Next I must experiment with WINE,the windows emulator. If Tunafish, sawcutter 2.0 and pivot stickfigure animator work in WINE, things will be even better than the good now.

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