Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

mostly music

I got UCBLogo to run from the command line in Linux. Now my life is complete.

When I got my Chevy last year, I also got a SiriusXM package. SiriusXM is over-priced. Internet radio will let one get the same functionality for free or a dollar. I like the TuneIn Android app, which I can play through my car radio using a cord connected to an auxiliary input. Still, SiriusXM offers at least four reasonably listenable heavy metal stations. This curious genre is the favorite of the young man I mentor through the Big Brothers program. I decided to keep the service another year, until he has graduated from the program.

Last night I called SiriusXM to change my subscription. The package I had featured every channel under the sun, at a price reflecting a wide choice of channels. I wanted a package which offered the heavy metal channels but was priced significantly less. I spent time on the phone with a pleasant fellow.
Though English was his second language, he spoke it very well and very idiomatically. I wondered where he was located in some distant land.

We talked together until we reduced me to Mostly Music, a less expensive (though still expensive) option than the full house I had previously obtained. I was as happy as one could be when one pays sixty percent as much for something that was 3x too expensive. Now I have only 70 channels instead of 200+, and will not be able to listen to sports contests to which I am indifferent. Next year I will stop the service altogether, and rely on local National Public Radio, Google Play Music on my cell phone, and TuneIn Radio on my cell phone, reducing my bill for satellite radio to zero.

I downloaded Tux Paint, a children's drawing program, last night. I like the children's programs because they are always more intuitive for me to use. Slowly but surely I am customizing the computer to do the things I want it to do. I still have more work to do to get the music software working, but I feel that the learning curve is something I can climb.

I've been reading about Copper Breaks State Park, about 3 1/2 hours drive west from here, halfway to the Panhandle. It sounds like a great place, with those stark West-Texas-like landscapes. It's in that part of Texas where the Eastern Bluebird gives way to the Mountain Bluebird. I'm going to plan a trip there.

I read a weblog post by a fellow who writes about Linux, about how he had to turn the comments off on his weblog because of anti-Semitic anonymous commenters. I read other comments of people expressing support for the murderous ex-policeman in Los Angeles. There is too much hatred in this world.

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