Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

programs and mash-ups

The ccMixter website got me involved in making music. I had done some recording prior to getting involved with ccMixter, but the Mixter got me interested in music software. Every quarter ccMixter has a "secret mixter". One is assigned a remix of another user of the site. This morning I got up at 5 a.m., awaking from a somewhat scary dream in which I was atop a sloping roof on a San Francisco highrise. I loaded up the artist I was remixing's samples. I created a new song from the samples, so that the song will be ready to upload by the "reveal" date on Saturday. I used only my DAW this time, and made a more traditional remix/mash-up. Though I usually use a synthesizer to process samples, it is a bit liberating to use simple tools.

I continue to configure my Linux computer. I removed fotoxx, which I installed after it had been given a favorable review on the Linux Action Show. I could never work out how to get it to sync. I have had much better luck with Pinta, which I find to be excellent photo editing software. I really enjoy this computer, and am very pleased with how easy Fedora 18 has proven to use. The LXDE interface is very intuitive,and I wonder why people bother with Unity or Gnome when interfaces like LXDE or E17 exist.

I ate at a new cafe called Sapporo tonight, a ramen place with Japanese and Taiwanese items on the menu. I had a hot and sour soup (large but not huge bowl, very tasty) and a "traditional" 3-chicken stir fry (the chicken pieces served on a metal heating platform over a small flame). I enjoyed the meal.

Today the news has been full of the Los Angeles ex-policeman who allegedly killed three people, and today was in a gun battle near Big Bear Lake up in the mountains. All this work-related violence makes me unhappy. I hate for people to think that is the way to redress grievances.

I was glad to see the rain today.

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