Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

less than a full peng

We woke at dawn and drove to the Tucson airport. We made it to our plane in time. Because we were using frequent flyer miles, we took a one-stop through Phoenix. Our plane arrived just moments before our plane to Dallas was to take off. We made it by a bare margin. I slept on the plane, which landed at 11 a.m. I picked up a sandwich and then headed to work. I enjoyed my time off,but it was good to be "home".

I stopped for Chinese food on the way home, as my wife had a meeting. Then I sat at my computer while Market Warriors played on PBS. I found UCBLogo, a Logo programming language program with which I am familiar. However, once I installed it, it neither showed up nor ran. I must figurr out if I committed user error. Then I moved on to other things.

I added music software and began watching Seq24 tutorials. Seq24 is a pattern-based sequencer. I am very familiar with that method of making music. However, I must figure out how to use the synthesizers in conjunction with the sequencer. I will take it one step [sequencer] at a time. I wish I could program. My needs are so simple. A piano roll composer, a .wav-based sampler, the ability to create sequences in multi-tracks, the ability to sequence patterns, ease of recording, import of MIDI and export of MIDI and .wav.

My PengPod 700 arrived today, and it looks good. But the promised micro-SD card pre-loaded with Linux (to permit Android/pure Linux dual boot) was missing. I wrote off to get that sent.
I could probably mount the distro onto a micro-SD card with a little work, but I paid a few dollars extra so that I would not have to do so. The minor error in my order is frustrating but just part of life.

I have a busy week ahead, and I am glad about that. My chronological history of Christianity has moved into the 16th Century. I believe tolerance is an important virtue. I see that the current Pope is resigning. I do not have a detailed opinion about the current pope, other than a general sense that his dogma contradicts my belief of how things work. His handling of the abuse scandals has been imperfect. But I think it is good for popes to resign rather than to attempt to serve past their capacity to do so.

My dog Beatrice, though well-loved by a dogsitter, is glad we're home.

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