Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

kestrel sightings and therapy dogs

Today I walked at lunch in Breckinridge Park. I saw a kestrel. This Winter I've seen two kestrels at the park. Lately I had not seen either of them, making me think they left to nest.
But I saw one today. I took its picture, as it sat in a bare tree.. Then I took its picture when it sat atop a huge sprinkler hose spindle. None of my pictures were very good due to the poor light. But I saw the kestrel clearly nonetheless. Our weather lately is warm but not too dry--often it is overcast, and sometimes it rains. Warm Winters sometimes foretell dreadful drought--but not this Winter.

My customization of this small laptop goes apace.I installed WINE tonight,the program which lets one run Windows programs in Linux. In the near future I will test to see if my favorite two music-making programs will work in WINE. Fedora 18 has proven extremely easy to use so far.

The chronological history of Christianity I'm reading is moving into the Reformation. The Reformation and the Counter-Reformation began some important processes. But the earliest days of the Reformation feature so much bloodshed. I am ready to read about religious liberty.

I was thinking about someone I knew in law school. I did not know her well, was not infatuated with her, or have any discord with her. She was just one of those people in a cameo role in my life, a person with barely a speaking part in my personal drama. I thought she was nice. I was able to google up that she now uses a therapy dog where she lives in Arizona to help promote education at her local library. People do such fascinating things.

I won an eBay auction for a proper computer monitor for my raspberry pi. Cost: 32 dollars.
Now I just need to load an operating system on an SD card, get a mouse and keyboard, and
sort out a USB wi-fi device. In a month or two I hope to be running the raspbian spin of Debian on it.

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