Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A list of the day

1. Tried out puppy on a USB on my new/used 43 dollar computer. It loaded fine, but the wi-fi would not connect. That marks twice that the wi-fi would not connect on Puppy, from two different laptops, with two different wireless card set-ups. I love Puppy Linux, but I am afraid I must run it from a virtual machine.

2. Tried out a live CD of Ubuntu 12.04 on the same computer. It loaded fine and recognized wi-fi instantly. Ubuntu seems to do better with wi-fi than Puppy by a long way. Ubuntu with Unity was too slow on this single-core 1.2 Ghz engine, so I am going to load Fedora LXDE next. My twin concerns will be "is the wi-fi plug n play?" and "will it be hard to load the non-FOSS programs I need for LAME and flash and the like?"). We'll see.

3. My nephew and I went to a chess tournament. I tied for first with 3 1/2 out of 4. He did fine at 2 out of 4. I did not play all that well, but I played well enough. My results: Round 1, an 1100 name Saaini. She played very well and we were in a close endgame when she suddenly threw pawns away.
Second round: Siddharth, 1200 who fell in 19 moves to a mating attack from my Stonewall Opening.
Third round: Nikita, a 1500 who plays like he is higher rated, who made a minor mistake in the early middlegame of an Old Indian Defense, and then who lost on time after dropping a piece for a pawn.
Round 4, Andrew, 1200, who somehow withstood another withering Stonewall Attack and traded into a drawish endgame. Plano chess club does a great job with these little tournaments. I won 17 dollars. The entry fee was 15, so I am 2 dollars ahead.

4. My young friend and I walked at Towne Lake, where I saw a bluebird, cormorants, a red-bellied woodpecker, a kingfisher, mallards, a downy woodpecker and American coots. We also ate a fine breakfast at Market Street and had a great visit with an expert from Big Brothers Big Sisters. That organization does a great job in support.

5. My wife and I took our nephew to Hibachi Rocks for a belated celebration of his 21st birthday.
I am very fond of my nephew. He told us about his temp job dismantling computers. The food was heavenly.

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