Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

busy days

This weekend will be a busy one. My young friend and I are getting together and meeting with an expert on education and careers. My nephew and I plan to do a chess tournament or a hike. I also will do a bit of work, though I may be able today to reduce the amount I need to work over the weekend. The Plano Angelika
features the Oscar-nominated short animated films, which is something I enjoy seeing every year. I want to go to church on Sunday morning and listen to the garden show on AM radio. I'd like to get some exercise, and in particular ride my bicycle. My plan is to fill Saturday with action, and Sunday take things a bit more low-key.

One activity I may miss this weekend is the Residents concert. They are in Oak Cliff, a Dallas neighborhood, tonight and Saturday night. I have seen them in concert twice before, and find them a real inspiration for the whole DIY/experimental music ethic. But driving down on a weekend night to a concert 27 miles away is always a bit wearing, so I think we'll miss this one. I hate to miss it, but so it goes.

A cold front moved in after some warm days. When I went to pick up the paper, a cottontail rabbit was standing on the sidewalk. I'm eager to get more done today at work, capping a busy week.

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