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mk and all that.

My wife had a board meeting tonight for a charity for which she volunteers. I worked until 6something,took some boxes to Federal Express, and then drove to the Allen International House of Pancakes. I like the blueberry syrup the best, and prefer my eggs scrambled. I wanted Canadian bacon on the side, but they had a pleasant bit of salty ham that I rather enjoyed.

I've been reading about this new little used computer, to narrow down my Linux choices. One review compared it with a netbook, only one with a DVD drive, and that image pleases me. My theory is that American consumers let the industry treat them like sheep by forcing them into tablets or ultra-books.
My hope is that things like the Raspberry Pi and the MK802 will help realize that the main fun of computers is to make them do what you want, not to buy more capacity than you need.

The day today was warm. I heard someone reading the Frost poem about "miles to go before I sleep", which I understand metaphorically. My chronology of Christian history is in the 1500s, just before the Reformation, and far too many people are getting burned at the stake.

Today an assistant district attorney in Kaufman, Texas, a very small town perhaps an hour from here, was gunned down as he walked to court. We'll find out the ways and withers, but for now it just seems so sad and barbaric. I did not know him, but I think I met him once. I think we both were judges at a moot court competition at SMU when I was a very young lawyer. He was very self-assured, as active trial lawyers often are and knew his stuff--or so it seemed to me at 24. Who knows, though? Maybe it was not the same fellow. But I think it was the same fellow. Lately the news is an endless shooting, while my facebook is alight with odd memes by former classmates about their love for their guns. It is all surreal to me.
I suppose I support both the right to bear arms and meaningful steps to limit sales of guns to those who should not have them, but my politics, such as they are, are unimportant. It's just a violent, odd time right now, even though overall crime is down, and I hope it someday is less odd.

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