Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


Last night we had trouble reading the menu in the low light. Our friend Donna has a little analog light on her keychain. I then went to the google play market. I downloaded a free flashlight program and voila! I had a bright phone light. I then downloaded a free night photo app.

I went to church today at FUMC. The sermon covered the passage about discipline being difficult but worthwhile.

I hiked in Oak Point Park. As I was leaving, I saw a loggerhead shrike. I took several pictures. Then I had chicken over vermicelli at Mei Mei on Legacy in Plano.

This afternoon I did some work. I also loaded puppy linux on a usb. It booted up well on my laptop but the wifi would not connect. We ate sandwiches and watched Downton on television. Then I failed in an effort to dual boot Pear Linux onto my laptop. Discipline in learning is annoying but worthwhile.
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