Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

life is a big wheel holding sprinklers

I had a busy day on Friday. I went to lunch at 1 p.m. Breckinridge Park, in Richardson, is a couple of miles away--a 7 to 10 minute drive. I got there often to go take a quick walk or even drive to watch birds. I read somewhere that a car is a great bird blind. This may be true, as I get some good photo opportunities in my car.

Two American kestrels are wintering in the park. They are in usually in one section, the area reached from the C Parking lot.

American kestrel, January 25, 2013

I often see one or the other standing on a tree or a road sign or a huge two-person-high wheel that holds sprinkler hoses for the sports fields. They are often patient for photographs. In parking lot A, I can see songbirds like eastern bluebirds and house finches. Yesterday at the A Section I saw a very yellow warbler. I only got a quick glance, but he was too yellow to be the yellow-rumped warbler that winters here. I wondered if the first migrating warbler had reached here before it is even February.

The B parking area leads to a small lake. I saw a great egret there, albeit I saw him from the
road that leads through A. Usually, I see ducks, green herons, great egrets, great blue herons, killdeer and gulls on the little lake.

After I bird watch for 15 to 20 minutes, I adjourn to Subway sandwiches, where I nearly invariably have a veggie pattie sandwich with only lettuce, baked chips and a drink.

Last night we decided to stay in, so I went and got Papa Murphy pizza, a chain pizza that has pizzas one "takes" to "bake" at home. The kids at our local outlet are the most well-trained courteous and likable
fast food folks I have met. The kids vary from weekend to weekend, so I know they have a great manager.
They all seem happy and capable.

I too turned out to be very tired. I fell asleep very early.

I am still reading Little Dorrit on my e-reader. I am over halfway done now. I am so fond of that novel. During my lunch breaks, I take with me a huge Chronological History of Christianity. I am in the 1300s now. It is fascinating to put all the things I know and all the things I didn't know in chronological order. I am dismayed at all the violence over matters of creed.

I am glad to be busy at work now. Busy is not a bad thing.

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