Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

casa blanca

 Tuesday  afternoon I flew to Laredo for a Wednesday work matter.  Dallas weather was  very cold, so I  took my winter coat. Laredo is down on the Mexican border, which is usually quite warm. But temperatures below freezing were predicted for Tuesday night in Laredo. 

In the small American Eagle seat, the fellow next to me pointed out that my jacket pocket had crossed over the armrest. So I contorted myself a bit to bring it over appropriately to "my side". I apparently was a bit too stylistic for my khakis, because when I was walking out of the plane,
I had a sensation that my khakis had come unzipped. They had not. They had a huge rip in them. Fortunately, my winter coat hid the rip.
I landed at about 6, and got my rental car. I decided to go to a drive-through window at  a Church's chicken to avoid having to 
go inside. I enjoyed eating the chicken in the parking lot. Then I went to my hotel, a La Quinta. I slept a fairly restless night.

My business finished some time after 10  a.m., but by the time I could get to my car and to the airport, I could not catch the next flight at 11:15.
My flight was not until 2.30, so I went to Lake Casa Blanca State Park. This lake is surrounded by the shrubby, tundra-y trees of 
the Rio Grande Valley. I saw white pelicans, a jackrabbit, a little blue heron, great blue herons, great egrets, gulls, and a ladder-backed woodpecker who let me watch from very close as it hunted in a small tree for food.  I then had cheese enchiladas in the great little airport cafe in the Laredo Airport.

My 2.30 plane did not take off until until 4 or so. Then I had to navigate my way from one DFW Airport terminal to another. I arrived home at 7 p.m.  

This morning the termperature was in the mid-50s. I enjoyed walking in the park at noon. 

I am still enjoying [re-]reading "Little Dorrit". Victorian novels are such an inspiration and influence for me.


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