Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

saturday, sunday: missions accomplished

Saturday the morning started out fairly warm but deeply foggy. My young friend and I went for a walk at Oak Point Park in Plano. I took photographs of a great blue heron standing near the shore in the fog.

We went to a few stores, and then to A Real Bookstore in Fairview. When we got to the bookstore, a deluge of cold rain had begun. After we got a magazine at the bookstore, we went to Escape Coffee Shop in Allen.

At Escape Coffee Shop, we spent an hour+ showing him the various features of the used computer I got on eBay and configured with Linux. This worked very well, though inexplicably the "Launch Pad" function ceased to work, requiring my friend to get to the same place via the Finder icon.

I had installed the following software (all free, of course, this being Linux):

Word processing: LibreOffice. I showed him how to use it, and created a tip sheet for him.
Listening to music: Clementine
Ripping CD's: Asunder, a really intuitive single-purpose app. We ripped one of his CDs and it was easy.
Playing DVD's: Movie Player, which came with the distro install and worked fine.
Internet: Chrome and Firefox came with the distro install. We got him configured with an e-mail address
and registered with the Chrome store, and downloaded the Pandora Chrome app to show how it worked.
Drawing: gpaint

I did not show him how to use the synaptic package manager, which I should have done, but will do next time. I did show him how to look up apps in the Pear Appstore. I also wrote out for him in the tip sheet how to add apps from the command line reached via Terminal.

He picked up everything really quickly, and I believe he will be a happy Linux user.

After I get a few other hobby projects done, I may configure my own Linux machine. My key challenges would be to add a digital audio workstation that can export to mp3 (probably Audacity with LAME would do) and to find a sequencer that will let me sample and compose to piano roll (I am not sure if my best choice is Rosegarden, LMMS, or some other software).

After I dropped him off at his house in the mid-afternoon, I went home. At 5 p.m., I fell asleep. The next thing I knew I awoke at 11:30 p.m. I talked a bit to my wife, and then fell asleep again. awoke near 5 a.m. A cold wind howled all night as heavy rain fell.

Sunday I went to the 8.15 a.m. service at First United Methodist Church of Allen. When I got into my car, the temperature was below freezing, and a few granules of sleet were on my car. I enjoyed church.
Then I listened to the AM garden show with Neil Sperry while I drove to Bethany Lakes Park in Allen.
There I got out of the car to look at some ducks but rapidly retreated from the cold. Then I drove to East Fork Park north of Wylie but saw little there. I drove further north up highway 78 to
Lavon Dam. Three fellows were trying to catch bait fish with a drift net in the cold. I saw a mockingbird
hunting insects.

I drove down to Breckinridge Park, where I stayed in my car but got great photos of one of the two kestrels I regularly see there. It was about lunchtime then, so I picked up my wife. We went to the small Allen Cafe, where I had two fine pork chops.

In the afternoon we cleaned up after Beatrice in her back yard. Then I watched a DVD on my computer about life in the benthic (bottom) zone of the sea. Then we watched Downton Abbey on PBS (Season 3 is on now) and went to sleep.

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