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 I went to the park at lunch today. I saw a downy woodpecker, several eastern bluebirds and an American  kestrel. At the end of the afternoon, I  went back to the park, and saw northern shoveler ducks, mallard ducks and Canada geese. 

We ate dinner at San  Miguel, a simple, unpretentious Mexican  restaurant we enjoy. 

I researched my great-grandmother Annie Rehkopf tonight on the internet. I had been under the impression, based upon a bit of family oral history from an uncle, that she had been the immigrant generation from Germany. It turns out she was the grand-daughter of the immigrant generation. I also learned that her grandparents arrived in 1854 at age 50, from Edesheim, Germany.  Her grandfather's ancestors had included an 18th C.  lawyer/magistrate back in Germany who handled "very small cases". Her grandfather  was a cabinet-maker. Her father ran a mattress factory.  My uncle recalls Annie Rehkopf, who played the piano and sang songs in German.  Her grandfather had lived for a quarter-century  in Memphis, Tennessee (I found an article from 1876 about her grandparents'  50th wedding anniversary). The whole family immigrated after a daughter had come over 4 years previously.  Annie Rehkopf married a McAdoo,and my grandmother was one of their daughters. I wish that I  had thought to ask  my mom when she was alive about her memories of her grandmother, who  lived well into my mother's teen years. I was pleased to learn so  much. My family is blessed with lots of genealogy buffs, including my younger brother.
The Rehkopf  family had an entire family tree website that road-mapped it all out for me. A few odd things, of course, like the website referring to Annie as "Annie Amelia" and my brother's tree as "Annie Laurie", but I'll be able to unravel those minor mysteries over time.

I worked hard and well today. I like hard, well-done work.


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