Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

swim party

The past two days the rain fell steadily. The temperature turned rabbit-warm. The traffic slowed.The town felt a step removed from drought.

I go at noon to Breckinridge Park. I see bluebirds and house finches there, and take pictures of the two resident American kestrels. It is close enough to my work I can then grab a sandwich and make it back within the hour. When I went to lunch yesterday, I drove through the park's road, expecting to see little but hoping to glimpse and photograph the kestrel(s) in the rain.

Instead, I saw huge puddles on the grass fields, and a profusion of birds wading in them--Canada geese, mallard ducks, killdeer, European starlings, common grackles and ring-billed gulls. I saw the male kestrel atop a huge pipe, two stories tall. I liked that a pleasant rainy day was a foraging house party for birds searching for food.

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