Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

livejournal issues abbreviate posts

This is my third try to write a post since the new year. The other two failed to post due to problems with LiveJournal's service. I am sympathetic that it experiences a lot of DDoS attacks, but at some point
it just gets annoying to lose posts to its unreliability.

I was going to post about this:

1. New Year's Day in Sherman with my young friend, including seeing a red-shouldered hawk on a very chilly day near Hagerman NWR and drinking blackberry tea at Hastings Records;
2. taking 19 boxes of used books to Recycled Books and Records in Denton, which bought some at a very fair price and we took the rest to Goodwill.
3. Finishing refurbishing a used eBay computer for my young friend. Total cost, including case:
$ 55.09.
4. Going on a bird walk Saturday at Connemara Conservancy not far from my house, and seeing dozens of species.
5. Working hard.
6. Looking forward to setting up the raspberry pi computer I got for Christmas
7. January 8: the 7th Beaversary, when we adopted our dog.
8. My successful efforts to trace my wife's great-great grandmother's history in Sweden. I am as far back as 1839 now.

So now I'll post about it in summary form.
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