Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

amendment and pizza

yellow-bellied sapsucker, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Saturday morning I went to Elm Fork Nature Preserve in Carollton. The temperature was very cold--30s F.--but the birds were active.I took some decent chickadee pictures. I usually cannot get good chickadee pictures because they flit about so quickly. Not far from the park, I found a great little neighborhood pizza place called Brothers. I had two slices of cheese pizza. Then I went to Spring Creek Trail in Richardson, where I saw lots of yellow-rumped warblers, a bluebird and yellow-bellied sapsucker (pictured). Saturday night we went to the film Lincoln, which was great, and which even had a Poison Springs reference. Poison Springs is the little battlefield not far from my father's home in Camden, Arkansas. We enjoyed the story of how the 13th Amendment came to be passed. then we ate Vietnamese food at Pho Que Huong in Plano on Legacy Drive.


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