Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

year end tales

We enjoyed Christmas in Kansas City. My wife flew up on the Friday before Christmas. I flew up on the Saturday. Snow was on the ground, and the days were mostly under freezing. Saturday we hung out with my wife's sister's kids. We took the 4 year old to the Kansas City Museum, which proved to be a dud, as the old museum was under renovation. We then went to Minsky's, where I managed to let down the side by being unable to choose the right engine on the motorcycle arcade game. The pizza at Minsky's was good--it had been a while since I'd eaten at a Minsky's. We took the 4 year old nephew and the 7 year old niece to
Monsters, Inc. in 3-D. It was cute to watch them soak in the movie in their 3-D glasses.

Sunday we went shopping. The shopping traffic was surprisingly light. Monday we went to a Christmas Eve service. It was the 5 p.m. family edition of a series of 4. The little kid choirs at Village Presbyterian did a good job, but they should have given them microphones so that all in the crowded church could hear them. I liked that the service featured lots of favorite Christmas hymns.

Early Christmas morning, I watched a yellow-bellied sapsucker climb a tree from the comfort of an indoors living room. Then the family ate a grand pastry while watching the kids open presents. Then we all drove to a place near Ottawa, where children opening presents and beef tenderloin were the order of the day.
The drive through the snowy conditions was fun. I was the designated driver on the way back, and piloted a luxury SUV capably. Christmas night I configured my wife's step-mother's new Kindle Fire HD. I like tablets to have more open-ness and options than the Fire, but I still think it's a darn good tablet
for media consumption.

Wednesday I flew back and got some key afternoon work done. Collin County got a huge snow on Christmas night, and it was still on the ground Wednesday night. Wednesday night I took the little 34.99 dollar eBay laptop and installed Pear Linux 5, an operating system. The laptop did not come with a wireless card, so I found one on eBay used for very little money and ordered it. I hope I am able to install it with ease, as this is the only remaining step to achieve my goal of a gift of a working laptop at
very little expense to me. Though I had installed operating systems in virtual machines before, this was my first time to successfully install a full operating system.

Thursday I did some time-consuming work that worked out great, and mended a fence. Thursday night I played with another used computer console I had gotten, but found its CPU was one Pentium less than the eBay ad represented. Today I look forward to a hard day at work, and then to a weekend.

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