Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

warm December days

The temperature crested 68 yesterday at noon when I stopped at Breckinridge Park. I took my camera to this park to photograph birds. Here is one of many shots of bluebirds that I took:

320 bluebird looking right december 4 2012

Work is getting quite busy, but this is a good kind of busy. It's hard to believe that 2012 is almost over--granted, year demarcations are artificial things, but they are a good artificial.

I bought a huge book which is a chronological history of Christianity for two dollars at a Half-Priced Books a few weeks back. The book was new and hardcover, so it's always curious what remaindered books are available on the clearance book shelves. I've enjoyed its bullet point history lessons. It makes me sad that folks so persecuted in their early days were so quick to persecute heterodoxy as heresy once they had power. I am glad that parts of our world live in a more tolerant way, and sad that much of our world still persecutes those who believe differently or do not believe. The book makes a nice lunchtime companion each day.

I foreswore the office candy dish, and have put an end to an era of rapid weight gain. Now I am seeing if I can achieve meaningful weight loss on my own, or must return to Weight Watchers. I mended my ways prior to gaining back the weight level I was at the last time I started Weight Watchers, but I want to lose
a couple of dozen pounds. I am lucky in that I am capable of doing so by using discipline. So now I hope to do so.
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