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Our dog Beatrice is anything but a social butterfly. She loves people, but she is largely indifferent to other dogs. I was pleased, therefore, when she was polite and almost friendly with the little shih tzu (or lhasa) that we meet sometimes on our travels. Today during our walk I saw killdeer, a great blue heron near mallard ducks, and a small downy woodpecker. I largely rested today, as I have been resting since our late night Friday.

Saturday my doctor e-mailed me bloodwork from my Friday physical. I was pleased that it was all normal,
and the modest dark cloud that came up late last year, leading to my surgery, and lingering for too long, seems to be a dark memory.

This event caused me more despair and worry this year than I had expected would be the case, so I am glad to have it behind me. My main challenge now is that I have been injudicious in my eating habits, and regained some, but not all, of the weight I lost last year. I will now promptly lose 20 to 25 pounds again, and shake my head with wonder at why I let things go.

I watched today's sports contest, as the local mediocre team struggled to beat a team even more mediocre but somehow more spirited than our local home team. We watched Ken Burns' Dust Bowl special, which is deeply poignant, in large part about Scots Irish people who seem familiar to me as if I grew up with them.

The most exciting news, though, was that my friend Thomas Mathie, over in Scotland, just released my new EP, "Open Spaces" on his digital label, We are All Ghosts. Here is what he wrote about it:

"I consider it an honour and a privilege to call Gurdonark a friend. He has a wonderfully alternative view on life that i find inspiring. He’s not a hippie or anything ... he just isn't consumed with consumer things ... he is all about open source, community, creative commons and sharing ... in fact, it is what he gives ... what he brings to the table ... that inspires me more. He is a wise sage in a post-modern world ... a photomystic who chases ’feel’ rather than mega-pixels ... someone who equally at home in the outdoors spotting birds or in his ’space’ creating lullabies in the key of now.

I am so proud to present “open spaces (waag_rel009)” ... a short collection of said lullabies. Music that is deliciously quirky but undeniably catchy ... music that packs so much in 23 minutes but still retains an air of elegant minimalism.

Unfortunately my two daughters are now in double figures ... so I can’t test the release’s lullaby quotient on them ... but it works for me so I can only surmise that it would have worked for them too: somatic soundscapes for busy days.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do".

I listened to the songs afresh today, after not hearing them for a few months. They are easily among the gentlest music I have ever made. If you'd like to hear them all, or a small snip of them, here is the link:

Open Spaces

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