Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

finding daylight

Eastern Bluebird 10a, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Friday evening: New Orleans food in honor of our friend Scott's birthday. Friday night: House of Blues to attend a good show by a friend of ours' band. Saturday dawn: I stayed up late, unable to sleep. Saturday morning: Bea and I took a late walk. Saturday early afternoon: I tried to solve a computer master boot issue, with some good help from MicroCenter. Saturday afternoon: I had my car serviced and bought a spare key. I ate a very late lunch at a new kolache cafe. Saturday late afternoon, I went birding at Breckinridge Park in Richardson, and had a great chat with a cyclist who turned out to be a once-avid bird photographer. I took lots of pictures afterward. Saturday evening: we ate grilled fish at Rockfish Grill. Saturday night: My wife fell asleep as we watched the most recent episode of Doc Martin, Season 5.

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