Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Music Podcast Interview

Last Friday night I used my headset and my Skype application on my laptop computer. I plugged into a three way Skype call with Doug Whitfield and Tom Ray, who host the Music Manumit Podcast. I served as the "guest" for the podcast. We talked about music, Creative Commons, sharing culture, and other related topics.

The podcast was posted this morning. Here's is the episode with the interview of me:

Music Manumit Podcast interview with Gurdonark.

One question was about when I began getting into music in this way. I am one of the rare people for whom this question has a precise answer: July 20, 2002. That is when a friend of mine and I gathered in my upstairs room and recorded the tracks for a CD called "Vibrating Electric Fields". Here is my Livejournal post about that day:

First Session Post.

A lot has happened in the intervening decade, and I am glad I have this weblog as a record of all the cool music stuff and fun.

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