Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

19 and 8

1. started day with dog walk. The temperature was 37 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. picked up my young friend and went for breakfast at PT Donut in Princeton
3. went to Princeton City Hall so that my friend could vote for the very time ever.
4. Drove through Greenville and on to Commerce.
5. Stopped at a parking lot bake sale. My friend got a mini-pound-cake. I got mini chocolate brownies.
Both were exquisite.
6. Drove in a wandering way on country highways.
7. Arrived in Wolfe City, population 1,100. Found that a car show was on tap. The car show was great.
One vintage muscle car was bought by its single owner in the 1960s.
8. Tried to use the wi-fi at the Wolfe City Public Library, but it proved closed due to the car event.
9. Drove to Allen to the Escape Coffee Shop.
10. My friend and I each got on-line at the coffee shop. I used my netbook, the infamous Cherrypal Africa, with its mighty 300+ mhz of raw power. My friend watched rock music videos on his tablet.
11. Lunch at Thai Cafe. I had chicken with broccoli over a white sauce.
12. Stopped by a Best Buy. Talked to a salesman about new Windows 8 computers. Got very evasive answers.
Liked the cool interface on the laptops. Another salesman was more helpful, over in the CD section.
13. Dropped my friend off at his house, after fighting unbearable shopping center traffic issues.
14. Listened to the unfortunate conclusion of the Arkansas football game on the radio The team from Ole Miss beat them in the closing seconds, sealing that this will be a very subpar year.
15. Drove home and watched sports on television and threw a stuffed toy for my delightful dog.
16. Went to early voting with my wife. Nearly nobody was there voting.
17. Went to Market Street, where I had turkey, green beans, turnip greens and a wheat roll.
18. Went home and watched more sports, but also a good bit of an episode of Doc Martin. We are on Season 5
19. Thought about the storm about to hit the northeast.

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