Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

walking the 380 greenbelt trail with a flat tire bicycle

380 greenbelt trail, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

My young friend and I rode our bicycles yesterday on the 380s Greenbelt Trail, an 11.7 mile roundtrip on a paved path through a woodland by a creek. On our way back he suggested we try the equestrian trail. It was very green, a bit overgrown, and unpaved. I loved seeing a herd of whitetail deer dashing off in the distance. My friend managed to get branch from a thorny black locust tree in a tire,so that we had to alternate for 3.8 miles who got to walk his flat tired bike and who rode mine.But we still made it to Denton, where we found a bike shop to fix the flat, a nice time at Mad World Records, tasty big bowl soups at Ramen Royalty, and yogurtlicious frozen yogurt at Yogurt Story.

Aphorism of the day: you hear a lot more chickadees when you walk than when you ride.

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