Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

fossil hunt

This morning I walked Beatrice. She likes seeing rabbits in the very early morning. Then I
drove to Ladonia, a bit over an hour away. Ladonia is an old Texas farm town, whose population, once 2,000, has dwindled to

On my way, I bought this cinnamon twist in the town of Wolfe City, a few miles away.
Cinnamon Twist, Wolfe City, Texas

Wolfe City had a charming library building but I could not see inside due to the holiday.

When I stopped to get gasoline at JJ Cut Rate Liquor, I met Frankie, a guard dog.
frankie, guard dog

The fossil park was down in a river bed that is dry for much of the year.
Pete Patterson Fossil Park, Ladonia, Texas
Ladonia Fossil Park, north Sulphur River
Though when I go to Eisenhower State Park the fossils are everywhere, the Ladonia Fossil Park required more hunting.
I did enjoy walking in the dry riverbed and hearing but not seeing the Carolina chickadees. I did see one flycatcher I thought was a western kingbird, up on a tree at ground level.

I did find three rocks with fossils:

Three fossil rocks

Other people arrived while I was there, with shovels. I will know how to hunt better next time.

I drove to the nearby town of Pecan Gap. On the way I saw a roadrunner. I liked Pecan Gap Seed Store, a huge red building with something a bit like a grain elevator attached. I liked the two preteens who assured me that later that day a fine Labor Day meal was going to be available for sale to the public. I was glad I turned left at the sign that said "Pecan Gap <-------------"

I drove into Ladonia and rode my bicycle around the very small town. There were lots of 19th C.and early 20th C. buildings, and the town had a charming little square.

On the drive down highway 34, I noticed that a trail for the Caddo National Grasslands intersected the roadway. I got out and hiked, seeing the wildfloewr snow-on-the-prairie,
several mockingbirds, and what I believe was one loggerhead shrike.

I drove home. We sorted books out as we try to have less stuff than we have now.
We successful boxed many, many books for sale at the used bookshop.

All in all, a good Labor Day

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