Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Caddo mystery Lake

We started our morning at Texas' only natural lake, Caddo Lake. The lake is a huge cypress swamp, with lots of lily pads. It is breathtaking and lovely. We rode in a pontoon boat and saw a wood stork, a great blue heron, a little blue heron, a snowy egret, a great egret, an ibis, but no prothonotary warbler or pileated woodpecker.

caddo lake. After our boat ride, we had a great breakfast in Uncertain, Texas.

We hiked in woodlands at Caddo Lake State Park, where we saw white-tailed deer. We drove at the Caddo Lake wildlife reserve, where we mostly saw woodlands.

We drove into Marshall, where we had vegan sandwiches (mine was a bean burger). Then we went to the Michelson Museum, where the docent told us about this fellow from Latvia Leo Michelson, who was a refugee escaping Paris during WW II, and whose art collection ended up in a little east Texas town he never really visited. This collection, as well as an additional permanent collection, should be much better known. I loved seeing all the Leo Michelsons, as he was an interesting artist. I was particularly intrigued with how often his works were done in crayon on paper.

We drove back to Jefferson, where I walked around in 103 degree heat while my wife slept. I stopped by the Museum of Time and Measurement, where one of its two owner curators showed me the great collections of Salt and Pepper shakers, wall clocks and calculation devices, and surveying equipment. The odd juxtaposition worked very well for me.

Then we went to the Austin Bistro in Jefferson, where I had marinara pasta and tomato basil soup. We then went to Beje's diner, where we ate a whoopie pie and listened to a cowboy poet and a cowboy band perform. I loved all the old Carter Family songs and "Wildwood Flower", and that the final two songs were "Amazing Grace" (we all sant along) and "Happy Trails". Apparently, the band is performing tomorrow at a cowboy church in the country.

Today was a very hot day, but a very fun one.

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