Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Piney Woods

Last night: an incredible Thai meal at Thai Lanna in rural Mount Pleasant, Texas.
a night at a very comfortable La Quinta Inn with a super-friendly staff in Mount Pleasant.

This morning: a great breakfast at the La Quinta
beautiful Tankersley Lake in Mount Pleasant
a wonderful rainy morning at Daingerfield State Park, a truly lovely woodland and lake.
caught two small bream fishing and released them back into the lake.
saw this fellow:

swallowtail butterfly, 2

also saw a Carolina wren, great egrets, a great blue heron, cardinals, mockingbirds, and heard the hectoring call of the fish crow.

This afternoon: saw the amazing mural "The Last Crop" by Victor Arbautoff in the Linden, Texas
(population less than 2,000) post office. Simply lovely.
ate pastrami and provolone cheese on jalapeno cornbread in Jefferson
toured an original Carnegie library in Jefferson
ate a great ribeye in Jefferson
stayed in a hotel in which Oscar Wilde, U.S. Grant and Ladybird Johnson have all been
past guests.

Greetings from the Piney Woods of lovely east Texas.

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