Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

tied for second

Here's a few snippets of today:

I lost my cell phone today. I replaced it tonight. I got something with much more memory, as my prior phone maxed out too easily. The Verizon guy was super helpful.

The waitress at Fishmonger's failed to bring our drink order despite repeated reminders. Finally, an incomplete soft drink order arrived after we had nearly finished out dinner. We have had this waitperson before, and she has always done a great job. We will not hold it against her. But I do really like to have a diet coke with a meal on Saturday night.

Portrait of a Good Dog , 2


I tried the bakery in downtown Wylie out. I enjoyed the German chocolate cupcake. Still, I wonder if I dropped my phone near there and did not realize it.

I stopped by my office to pick up some travel documents for work, as well as two boxes shipped to my office by friends overseas, which I will now ship overseas. The packages had to be re-boxed. None of my boxes seemed quite right, so I went to a place at 1400ish Plano Parkway called Box4You or some such.
The woman there helped me find just the box I needed. Now I just need to weigh and measure it all and it will be ready to ship.

July wildflowers

Scissortail flycatcher in shurb shade

I played in a chess tournament late this afternoon in Plano from 2 to 6.30 or so. I was top seed, but I only tied for second place after I lost the deciding round game to Sanjay, who, simply stated, outplayed me. Sanjay is a little bit more than 1/4 of my age. My favorite opponent was Ekterina, age 10 or so, who said "could you print your name in my score book? Never mind that it's in Russian". She played on in a losing position until I checkmated her. Later, I saw she won a game in a clearly lost position against a later opponent by applying this strategy. My tied-for-second-place prize was 5 dollars.

I helped a guy at Brockdale Park pick up trash. He had been kayaking, I was birding, but he began to pick up a bunch of cups someone had thoughtlessly left behind, and I pitched in to help. I tried out my 30x zoom camera and pronounce it fun.

Tomorrow I plan to bicycle.

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