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Friday I had a business meeting in Austin. Friday night before my plane I ate at Stubb's BBQ on 7th, with two nice fellows. It was great. I loved the collard greens and the blueberry pie in particular. A kind of
jam band was sound-checking. The horn players were great. The mixing board operator was not great.
It was fun when they played a nearly complete song.

This morning I picked up my young friend at 8 a.m. We had a doughnut at the Best Bakery. We saw a hot air balloon descend. We then drove to Grand Prairie, through light traffic. We were bound for the wax museum. It was still closed when we arrived, so we drove south to Cedar Hill Park. We hiked for about 2 miles on the Talala trail of this very pleasant park. We saw an indigo bunting. I got only one flawed image of him, with my point and shoot camera focused on the branch and not the bird:

Indigo Bunting, 2

After our hike we went through the wax museum and Ripley's Believe it or Not. The wax museum included a number of wax figures that were not very good likenesses, and a few that were great likenesses. The chamber of horrors was sufficiently odd. The "believe it or not" museum had the requisite shrunken head, but in general I liked best the things carved into tiny spaces or the back of turtle shells.

We stopped at the flagship Half-Priced Books. My friend sold two LPs and some magazines for the princely sum of 2 dollars and 50 cents. We ate lunch at Best Seafood Buffet, after the line at the new Furr's was "out the door". We had a frozen yogurt for dessert, and then I dropped my friend by his house.

The rain came down all at once late in the afternoon. The wind knocked down two trees in our neighborhood.
A full rainbow and a double rainbow then appeared. My wife and I ate at a French restaurant for dinner.
I like the Tomahawk music player. I donated to the ouya kickstarter project, which will result in my getting a new 95 dollar games console next year. My dog Bea does not like thunder.


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