Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Brockdale to Highland and back

Wednesday I decided to go hiking on a part of Trinity Trail on which I had never hiked. First I drove to a local shop on McDermott Street and got a cinnamon roll and some water. Then I drove to Lucas to the Brockdale trail head. Instead of walking south, which is my usual route, I walked north.

I originally planned to walk an hour in and an hour out. I was pleased when I found that the trail had lots of shade. As the morning wore on, I decided to walk north all the way to Highland Park. I thought that the walk would be shorter than it was--it exceeded six miles (and hence was more than 12 miles round trip). But I completed the round-trip in good order.

I saw lots of cardinals, red forms flickering in front of me like fireworks, but my favorite bird sighting was a distant indigo bunting.

Indigo Bunting (?) 2

Part of the trail ran through a farmer's field of grain. I think this is alfalfa rather than wheat, but I am not sure.

field of grain

I liked it when the trail passed by a little wooded hillside.

hillside, Trinity Trail

The flowers were fewer than in the Spring, but still well in evidence.

yellow flower

The trail was always easy to follow.

trinity trail

I was glad to see once more the trumpet flower I had seen near the end.

Trumpet flower

I had a moment of excitement when a horse rider came around a corner, going too fast. Her horse slowed upon seeing me, and I was in no danger. The rider slowly fell from the horse, but she did so with the right amount of practice at avoiding mishap.

I saw one little snake, a non-venomous watersnake, as I passed a little culvert with water in it. It retreated a little, and then stayed stock-still in the water, its head poking out to watch, to see if I posed a threat.

The entire walk took six hours and five minutes. I really enjoyed the hot bath afterwards. My wife, who had spent the day planting new herbs in our front flower area, made hot dogs and hamburgers upon which we dined for dinner.

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