Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Maybe I'm amused

The whirlwind's abated a bit, for the first time in weeks. I love that when I am particularly busy, my efficiency on work or personal projects improves dramatically, as I not only get 'em out by Friday, but sometimes by Tuesday noon. I don't love that a few personal projects end up going into little mental compartments, marked "reopen when less stressed". Now I've got to resurrect all those little personal projects, and see what I've cabineted away. My memory is that I've got a world of fun deferred hidden in the woodwork. But the only way to find out is to open the drawers. The nice thing about fun, of course, is that the only reason one bit of fun was subordinated was to permit focus on another bit of fun. It's a perpetual cycle of fun.

My voice mail keeps getting "filled" with too many voice mails. I must work on clearing each voice mail the second it is received. I must also, as plan B, get the fellow who helps us with such things to expand my voice mail intake capacity so that I am infinitely accessible, a message receptacle waiting for inspiration.

I tried to put my finger on my feelings this morning. My finger could not grasp my feelings, but I think I'm mildly amused about all and sundry.

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