Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

mundane little lives

Today I got my project electronically transmitted to places it needed to be. I got out of the office at a reasonably decent hour,
and got by the out of the way branch to return the overdue library book. This month's Chess Life has a Duchamp cover and a Duchamp article--Duchamp of course threw over the grand illusion in favor of the royal game. Art may be art, after all, but chess is chess. I need to play in a chess tournament again. I miss that adrenalin rush when the two faced clock is ticking. I have a few more nervousness things to finish to catch up with all my exchanges, but a kind soul was complimentary about one of my pix and bad poems and bad art scrapbooks, so I feel pleased. I have so many things to accomplish tomorrow--my busy summer persists. Tonight the power went out at the office twice, but the storm never quite hit. I need to get busy ebaying off excess books. I also have a lot of my little fun projects in stasis, somehow, and I'm beginning to feel dynamic again. I noticed I got more done when I stopped in the dollar store more often. Could all my creativity be bound up in 99 cent purchases?

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