Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

walk, the non-graphic novel

I started my day with a blueberry and a cherry kolache from a kolache place in Plano.

This afternoon I popped on an odd green-and-orange baseball cap and a backpack and walked down through Glendover Park, through Twin Creeks, through Green Park, and then to Brooklyn's Pizza. The itinerary was something like this:

Start here ----------------------------------------------->Glendover Park
and stop to take pictures of a great egret and of a mockingbird.
Then go straight to here ----------------------------------->Comanche Drive
Then go left and go here -----------------------------------> Green Park
and watch a blue jay, two house finches, and another mockingbird
Then go right at the fire station to here---------------------->Brooklyn's Pizza
and order a small salad sans salad sauce, a pair pizza slices sans pepperonis or other meats, and
a Diet Pepsi. Watch on television as the Netherlands plays Portugal in a soccer match.
Then walk across the little shopping center anchored by a Kroger supermarket,
and, by walking like this here------------------------------------>to the end of the shopping area
notice how many store spaces are empty.
Then go onward parallel to McDermott Street to here ----------------------->Twin Creeks Boulevard
and begin the walk home. Note the house sparrows nesting in chimneys, the stylish robin
who flittered across the street, the mallard duck under a shade tree, and the three mockingbirds who
got into an aerial battle about territory, and yet another mockingbird chasing a squirrel with irate determination.
Then go here------------------------------------>to return to Glendover Park and then walk home.

The whole walk was only about 3.5 miles, but felt adventure-filled.

Today I thought about how I'd like to visit the American Banjo Museum in Oklahoma City, the old City Pond in Canton, Texas, and Toronto.

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