Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

deer in Sun City

Thursday morning I arose at 5 a.m. to drive to Austin for a business meeting. I stopped in West, the little Czech town seventy miles south of Dallas. I went to the Old Czech Bakery, which the fruit kolaches were large and lovingly made. I pulled into Austin by 9 a.m., did business of one kind or another all day, and hit the road back to north Texas.

I called my Uncle Ivan and Aunt Virginia as I got to Round Rock and asked if I could stop in for a visit. They live in a Sun City development near Georgetown, about half an hour north of Austin. My Uncle Ivan is my late mother's older brother, who will turn 81 tomorrow. As I pulled onto their street (after the inevitable wrong turn in their little housing development), a doe deer ran across the road in broad daylight amid all the houses.

We had a nice visit. We dined on grilled chicken sandwiches from What A Burger, and talked about family.
These particular relatives lived in Oklahoma City during my childhood, and their younger son is six months older than I am, while they older son is about five years older. I was amused in the stereotypical way one to realize that the elder cousin's two daughters are now ~ 30, as I have an inner, somewhat unwordly and familial voice which says "I remember when you were *this high* sort of 12 year old idea when I think of these young women, not a 30 year old voice.

I got a late start, and drove home until 1:30. I get little bursts of light-headed fatigue these past few months sometimes, so when this burst arrived I stopped at the Czech Stop in West, and got a gingerbread woman and a Diet Coke. I arrived home at 1:30 a.m.

Tomorrow I plan to ride my bicycle, and to plan a vacation.

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