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Saturday morning we rose reasonably early and drove to the DFW Airport. Our friend Paul was driving to that airport after attending the graduation of a grand-niece in Abilene. Paul arrived at about 9:20 a.m. We took him into nearby Grapevine, which has a charming downtown region.

The internet proclaimed The Old West Cafe as the best breakfast in Grapevine. Its popularity was so great, though, that no parking could be had at this eatery. Old men stood by their parked motorcycles, waiting to be served. We drove on into Old Town and went the Main Street Bakery. There we stood in line to order, but found a table in very good order. I had a fine oatmeal, but rather wish I had gotten one of the amazing looking pastries instead. Paul and my wife each had huge omelettes.

We then went to Grapevine's very small botanic garden, which was very charming and also free. We headed to Arlington's River Legacy Park, where we saw turtles, robins, mockingbirds and flowing creeks. Mostly, we saw gulf frittalaries, the gorgeous orange butterflies whose name I could not then recall. Then my wife and I dropped Paul off at the airport.

We decided to stop by the furniture store The Dump on our way home. I liked the huge selection of damaged and discounted rugs. In my ideal world, I would have an ornate geometric rug covering almost any surface.
Some of the furniture was unique and interesting, and some was odd. We did not buy anything.

We went for lunch to Mayuri Indian Restaurant in Irving, which served a fine buffet. I ate mostly healthy things, but did indulge in a bit too much Punjabi halwa for dessert.

I did a bit of work at home, then we headed to the Allen movie theater for a showing of the film "The Exotic Marigold Hotel". We enjoyed the film, despite its use of plot contrivances and coincidence that would have made Charles Dickens blush. In the evening, I walked Beatrice, who searched the dusky evening for rabbits.

Sunday morning I attended the 8.15 a.m. church service at First UMC Allen, which was sparesely attended in light of the holiday weekend. I read about the local war hero, Audie Murphy, on wikipedia in the late morning.

In the early afternoon, I walked on Trinity Trail, where I saw several dickcissel birds (with their cry "dick-cissel!"), a great crested flycatcher (who looks like other flycatchers, except his crest is a bit like rockabilly star's), and the first painted bunting I have seen this year. Then I went to Market Street for a couple of slices of pizza.

I sat on our back patio and saw five song sparrows and three barn swallows. Then I worked on a work matter,
before settling in to make this post, with Creative Commmons music on playing on my headphones.

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