Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

posing scissortail

My young friend and I went to Oak Point Park in Plano. A herd of orienteers were competitively orienting in the woodlands. Baby turtles swam in a pond. I saw an eastern kingbird on a branch atop a tree. Near A Real Bookstore in Fairview, I saw a western kingbird. I saw a rabbit by the neighborhood swimming pool, as often happens. A scissortail flycatcher perched on a fence and I took its photograph many times. Mockingbirds asserted their territory.

They opened the community outdoor swimming pool today. I have not used it in years. Dozens of people were swimming in it when I passed it. The photo service flickr now uses an interface called Aviary for photo editing. I tried it out for the first time tonight. I have much to learn, but was able to edit some photos.

The days have turned hot. Last night a passing storm brought 50 mile per hour winds for a few moments. More often than usual, I think about my late mother. Two people sent me notes to compliment my music this week. A public transit company in Australia used one of my songs, but did not give me credit. I wrote them a polite note asking for attribution. I have not made a new song in weeks.

I visited one doctor on Tuesday, and will visit another on Monday.My first camera was a Kodak instamatic.
I still have some of the little square 124 pictures I took using it.The upstairs air conditioning is out.
I am reading a science fiction book on my e-reader.
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