Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


This has been a Spring of work, weight loss, and weekends absorbed. I made a particular point of mixing a little exercise in among the work this weekend. We went to the Heard Natural Science Center. The wetlands under the Wood Duck Trail boardwalk was filled with water. We saw a prothonotary warbler, an incredible yellow little guy, as well as two watersnakes and several turtles sunning themselves. We saw butterflies of many stripes, and in particular plethoras of red admirals. We admired an eastern bluebird.

Last night we saw the Disney nature film Chimpanzee, which was not that far off the Disney nature films of my childhood, except that it was much more gorgeously filmed. Today I had to go into the office and I had to work at home, but I was glad to see the swallows fly and the rabbits hop.

I will be thankful for quieter times ahead someday.
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