Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

work, rest, walk

The week flew by in a wave of things to do. Tuesday night I learned that my weight loss is up to 46 pounds in just about one year. Since my surgery at the end of December, it easier to control my appetite. I also weary more easily, which is a trade-off. On balance, I am taking things day by day, in this and all other things.

Last night I stayed up too late to watch the 1981 film "Clash of the Titans". The director was the stop motion animator Ray Harryhausen. Though I would on balance say I am pro-Harryhausen, the film seemed to linger on a bit for me this viewing. This morning I found myself ready for more rest. In the late morning, my wife and I drove to Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center, in the wooded Cedar Hill area southwest of Dallas. We enjoyed hiking the 1.6 mile trail, which actually ascended a bit to a near-hilly height. This part of our area is very wooded, which is something I particularly like. We liked the bird observation area inside the center itself, even if our sightings were no more exotic than a female cardinal and a mockingbird. This afternoon I worked a bit more and rested.

The roadways are sprinkled with bluebonnets. The trail featured false garlic in bloom. The weather is very warm. The trees are turning green. Buckeye butterflies were abundant on the trail.

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