Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

tipping quandaries and barking dogs

Sunday afternoon I had a nice visit with microbie and her fiance', who were in town for a visit. I enjoyed meeting her fiance, who seemed a very pleasant fellow who listened to interesting music and read interesting books. We went to La Madeleine, the local French bakery chain. I had a french dip sandwich, while microbie had a dessert, and her significant other had a tomato basil soup. microbie beat me to paying the tab when we ordered at the front. We chatted for nearly two hours. I was grateful they could spare the time for a good visit. When the meal was over, I was in a mild quandary, because at this cafe one orders at the front rather than being waited upon, but someone does bring the food to one. I never know the right tipping convention for this. I can see an argument for a nearly full tip, and an argument for no tip at all. I left a dollar in a situation when full service would have dictated 4 to 5 dollars, but I now think I under-did it, which makes me feel badly. On the other hand, leaving a full 20 percent in a place without full service seems wrong. I have erred in both directions on this particular dilemma, and still have not found my happy medium, though I usually just find a mid-way point. I think, on reflection, that would have been better yesterday.

The weather, which had started out chilly and rainy, turned into mid-60s and sunny. I took Beatrice for a walk around the pond, and then Teddy for a short walk in the neighborhood. I worked during the evening, and then turned in at a reasonably early hour. The dogs woke me up a time or two with barking over this or that, which shows that their routine is perhaps a bit off now. Now it's time to get ready for work. I hope to have a productive day.

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