Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

11.7 miles and good times

A great day today. My young friend and I drove west on 380 to bicycle the Lake Ray Roberts State Park 380 Greenbelt Trail. We rode 11.7 miles round trip, through bare trees and green fields. We saw cardinals, mockingbirds, black vultures and crows. One fellow at the park felt I was out to "snag" the sign-in pen, when actually I was out to use it to copy my license plate down for the sign-in form, but I tossed him the pen (inartfully, with a softball throw), got another pen, and kept on rolling.

The trail was a great ride:

Lake Ray Roberts 380 Greenbelt Trail

Bicycles at Rest

I wish I had taken a picture of the single small flowering fruit tree I passed, or stopped to watch the meadowlarks in the field for a whle.

We drove into Denton next, and had a Chinese food buffet. I chose sushi and chicken and broccoli for my entrees, with macaroons for desert. Then we drove downtown. I like the courthouse on the square.

Denton County Courthouse

We went to Mad World Records, a great old-fashioned record store downtown, as well as to the
great Recycled Books and Records, the amazing used media store in an old turn of the century
opera house.

In the early evening, my wife and I went to pick up my sister at the airport, who was in town
on a layover as she returned from a business trip in Sacramento to her home in Alabama. We went to Fireside Pies for dinner. We really enjoyed seeing her and catching up. We dropped her back at the airport, and headed home.

Tonight my wife and I watched another of many showings of the movie "Juno" on television. I very much like this film, though the perfidies of Jason Bateman's character sometimes makes it difficult to watch in full.

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