Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

parting gifts and books of numbers

Work has been quite busy lately, though also very interesting. Last night I attended the Garland Bar Association, where the speaker was a sitting probate judge. I do not do much probate, but I love talks like this because it is like being a second language French speaker visiting a French-speaking country--I know the language, though I speak probate with an accent, and it's fun to learn new things and hear probate spoken. Texas law works hard to avoid Jarndyce v. Jarndyce situations, which is good.

This evening after work I went to the Performance Bicycle for a bike rack for my Equinox vehicle. I will have to have something installed on it to properly use it. My young friend and I plan to go cycling tomorrow, but we will make do with the interior of the vehicle.

My sister has an airport layover tomorrow night. I hope my wife and I get to see her.

The weather this Winter has been amazing. Lots of pleasant days, pleasing amounts of rain, and no snowstorms. Cold fronts move in at the drop of a hat.

We watched the season finale of my favorite TV series, "A Gifted Man", tonight. I may well be the series finale of this low-rated show. I hate to see it end, if it does. I've been disappointed with "The Good Wife"
this year, and stopped watching it. Though this is a pretty good time for television, my list of favorites may be on the shrink.

My wife bought a download of Steely Dan's "Aja", which for both of us brings back lots of high school and college-age memories. We drove home from Macaroni Grill singing along to "Black Cow".

I feel a bit burdened lately, but burdens do lead to a great power in songs and the written word.

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