Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

arbor and dosa

This morning I took Beatrice for a walk from our house around the pond at nearby Glendover park. We passed two policemen who appeared headed to a neighbor's house. One said "Is that your killer?" in a friendly, sarcastic voice, to which I replied "No, she's gentle", which is true, so long as we are speaking of policemen and not of rabbits. "She looks old", he said, to which I assented "She's twelve", which is as close to true as I know, though I have never seen her birth certificate and am concerned she may get more flack if she runs for president.

I saw lots of robins, mockingbirds, starlings and grackles on our walk. My wife came home from her exercise class. We set out to a needlework store in Plano, as my wife has taken up needlework.

While she shopped at this redoubtable establishment, I headed into Lone Star Comics. I do
not often buy comics, but I found myself buying a title called "Soulfire' and another title
called something like "Guardians of the North". The latter indie book proclaimed itself issue 1,
so we will see if this will make me a zillionaire someday.

As the time was around 1 p.m. when my wife finished at the needlepoint store, we decided to try out Kesari, an new vegetarian Indian restaurant in the shopping center. Kind high school girl waitresses helped us out a bit with the starters as we knew the entrees better than the starters.
We had masala dosas, sambar, onoin pakora, and kichidi. The meal was very good and quite filling.
Then we headed to the Dallas Arboretum, making it there by 2:10 p.m.

We walked around the arboretum for 70 minutes. We love to visit the arboretum in late Winter, when warm weather has returned but the heat has not set in. We liked the new sections with a kind of Japanese garden theme.

The garden overlooks White Rock Lake, where among dozens of cormorants we counted some twenty five white pelicans. The last time we saw white pelicans (which winter here) was in the Summer
at Bear Butte State Park in South Dakota, so it was great to see so many.

Young women and parents were gathered at various picturesque places in the park to take quincenara pictures. The young women in the vividly colored quincenara dresses fit the park
perfectly.We saw a red-bellied woodpecker hopping his way up a tree, also vividly colored, but less likely to be on his 15th birthday.

We saw lots of tulips, daffodils, jonquils, pansies, winter kale, grackle birds, and lovely lake scenery.

We stopped by nearby Winter's nursery afterward, but did not buy anything. Then we stopped by my office, picked up my work calendar, and headed home to try to calendar a few days off this year.

Here are the images of the day:

row of trees at the dallas arboretum
demonstration container garden
winter beauty
white rock lake, pelicans in the distance
tree in bloom
lake horizon

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