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Our Negative Sound Institute netlabel site was down for some time, but Verian figured out how to fix it. We have not put out a release in far too long, so I hope this will spark us to do so once again.
Tonight I helped out giving free legal advice at the Salvation Army. I saw three clients, a bit fewer than usual, because each meeting took a bit longer than usual. Everyone with whom I met impressed me.

Today the weather was a bit crisp, but crisp in a good way, like lettuce crisp and not harsh wind crisp.

I like it when people use my music in videos. My rough count, adding youtube and vimeo and and other assorted uses, is that my songs have been used over 1,000 times (not counting a few dozen of my own very amateur videos).

I watched a video, though, that really tugged at my heart. Sure, it's was a full four minutes long, hardly an instant in real life but a long time in video land, but it's worth the 260 seconds, as it tells the story of a woman's volunteer experience with kids in India.

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