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wet hawks

The rain fell in the morning. By Noon, it let up a good bit. I went walking in Heritage Park in Sachse.

Many trees had rather soggy raptors atop them. Two held Red-Tailed Hawks. One held a Red-Shouldered Hawk, Two held American Kestrels. One held a Cooper's Hawk. Even the carnivorous non-raptor the Loggerhead Shrike was stop a tree. They were all trying to make up for lost time due to the rains.

I ate a chicken sandwich from WhataBurger for lunch.

After work, I walked in heavy mists at Oak Point Park. I encountered a crayfish in the middle of the sidewalk. It was cute.

We went to dinner at the Tex/Mex restaurant Cristina's. I enjoyed my pechuga limon with borracho beans.

American Kestrel

American Kestrel, Heritage Park, Sachse, Texas, February 23, 2018

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rain rain rain

Day before yesterday, the warm and rainy weather turned into very cold and rainy weather. We have had five inches of rain so far this week. The rain continues to fall Yesterday I drove by Breckinridge Park in Richardson, near my work. Flooding of open fields nearby create a very shallow Great Lake. Mallards and a Great Blue Heron enjoyed one newly-watered pasture.

Last night we ate minute steaks, half a sweet potato and roasted brussells sprouts. I find myself watching the Olympics more than I expected to do. I hope to get some family paperwork done tonight.

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the wet week

After promises of a Winter of little precipitation, we have this week a week of rain and very temperate weather. I have my rain jacket on. I suppose I should take it off in the office. I am glad we may not have a drought this year.    I hope the towns to our northwest, who tend to be more dry, got some of this bounty.

I meant to get practical things done last night, but I found myself viewing the Olympic ski event involving doing spins on a halfpipe course. Then I watched the ice dancers.

My wife had President's Day off, so she went on a shopping excursion. I worked yesterday, and simply enjoyed a walk at lunch and after work.

Monday: cereal and skim milk, 2 slices of pizza, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers (all raw), three soft chicken tacos.

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rain returns

I got an early start on the Chisholm Trail near the intersection of Spring Creek and Custer Road in Plano. I listened to "This Week in Computer Hardware" on my headphones. At Weight Watchers I was down 2/10ths of a pound. I seem to have mastered keeping my weight within a narrow range under the new Weight Watchers Freestyle program.

After Weight Watchers, I walked in Hoblitzelle Park in Plano. I went to church, where Jessica Wright gave a sermon on self-control. I went to Dickey's BBQ for turkey and green beans.

I intended to stop by Allen Station Park to take a further walk. First I placed a call to the Weight Watchers toll free line, as I seem to have had two accounts on their system. I got the matter straightened out, but while I was on the phone a rain began. I was glad not to  get caught out in the rain.

Later, I walked in Glendover Park.  A girls' soccer team and boys' American football team practiced on the open field. Though the termperature was almost as warm as yesterday, the overcast skies and moist air made a difference.

In the evening we ate chicken breast sliders and salad. We watched another episode of "Victoria".

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rain and calm

Though the weather forecast heralded a cooler Friday, Friday was not so bad. After work, I walked in Breckinridge Park. I like this park in Winter, when it is lightly populated and Winter sparrows and ducks abound.

After I watched a White-Throated Sparrow nearby, a co-worker called about a work matter. I walked in the chilly weather and discussed it with my co-worker.sout

Friday evening we went to NoSoo, a sushi and hibachi restaurant in Allen. We each enjoyed our meals--I had hibachi shrimp while my wife had hibachi salmon. There was no teppenyaka performance as in the showy chains. We just got plates of good food.

Saturday morning the rain came. We got half an inch. We watched television while it fell. I liked seeing the east Texas town of Jacksonville on the show "The Daytripper".  "The Daytripper" is one of at least two shows that surveys small Texas towns--it is the Texas version of what Huell Howser used to do so well in "California's Gold".  Jacksonville is in that part of east Texas which is "more the south" than Dallas, just as Fort Worth, though only an hour away, is "more the west" than Dallas.  The visit to a soul food restaurant was very mouth-watering.

By coincidence, Sandra Brown's "Places to Love" covered the Texas Hill Country, and in partpluicular Fredericksburg. We vacationed there in 2000, so the sights and scenes felt warmly familiar.

I had fried catfish, fries and green beans at Chicken Express for lunch.

I walked in Brockdale Park by Lake Lavon.  It was nearly deserrted. One man launched his bass boat as I walked. I saw lots of birds. A Cooper's Hawk in what I feel must be breeding plumage--she has  beautifully-articulated brown feathers.  Based upon reading about [personal profile] zyzyly; taking photos with his lensball, I had bought a very inxpensive one on eBay. I enjoyed taking my first pictures with it of the lake and the cedar trees. I learned upon doing so that it inverts the images.

Afterward, I walked Beatrice in Glendover Park. She enjoyed getting out into what was now a sunny day.

This evening we went to Bonefish Grill for a dinner.  We exchanged Valentine's Day cards. I ate a steak and shirmp with broccoli and asparagus. We went home after dinner, where we watched the final episode of "Foyle's War". I am glad we watched them in sequence, and watched many of the "back story" videos.   I will miss seeing new episodes. I wish I had the gift for saying as much with few words as Michael Kitchens.

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warm thursday

Thursday the day proved warm and overcast. I walked before work in Schell Park in Plano. At lunch, I walked in Travis Farm Park in Murphy, where a trio of Eastern Bluebirds kept me entertained. After dinner, I walked in Bradfield Park while I listened to my cousin's podcast, the Geddie-Dunn podcast. They discussed the issue of gun control in the wake of the latest school shooting. Their views ranged from my cousin's fairly centrist view to his co-host's right-wing view.

I drove to the Garland Salvation Army for my monthly volunteer work for the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program. I did intake on clients until 8:40 p.m.  We watched the slalom competition in the Winter Olympics.

Today cooler weather returns, leading into a weekend of rain. We "need" the rain, so it is not a bad thing. But that warm Thursday sure would have made a nice Saturday.

oatmeal and blueberries
string bean chicken, mixed vegetables, broccoli beef
fried chicken breast and leg, green beans

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cold to warm

Monday proved cold. I walked at Noon in Bradfield Park. After work, I walked in Collin Creek Mall. That mall is less vibrant now, and needs a revival. I worry that some day we will wax nostalgic about the golden days of shopping malls. Monday night we watched on television as Chloe Kim won the half-pipe snowboarding gold medal at the Olympics. We dined on baked chicken breast.

Tuesday was slightly less chilly, but still quite chilly. I went to Half-Priced Books in Garland. I always shop the clearance section I rarely buy hard copy books, as I try to confine my reading to ebooks. But I make exceptions for guide books and travel books.  Oh, and any book about shelter pets.   I got one book about flycatchers and another book in which celebrities pose with their adopted shelter pets. I had a Subway ham sandwich and baked chips for lunch.

Tuesday night I walked in the curious store called Dirt Cheap.  This store stocks salvage wares that sometimes look a bit like they fell off trailers. Some day I will buy something fun there, but not Tuesday night. We dined on chicken, squash and sweet potato.

Today the weather turned better. At lunch, I walked in Breckinridge Park. I saw lots of fun birds. After work, I walked on the Chisholm Trail while listening to a podcast.

I had oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast, soft chicken tacos for lunch, and ravioli for dinner.

Today brought word of a terrible school shooting in Florida. Someday changes will be made, but I do not know when.

We watched an episode of the PBS series 'Nova" about Dunkirk, and now we are watching the 1933 version of "Little Women".

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Cold Week-end

Friday I got a lot of work done. Friday night we dined at Firewater.  I had eaten fairly lightly for breakfast and lunch, so I had a 12 oz. sirloin for dinner.

The weather forecast advised that a cold front was moving in late morning Saturday. I planned to get up early to get out and walk before the cold weather moved in. But the front arrived early. I started my early morning walk before 9 a.m., to find that the temperature was already plummeting.

I walked for a good while in Glendover Park. I saw there my first Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker of the year. 
Then I drove to our dog's vet's office to get a prescription for her weight-stabiity food. I drove to PetSmar and used the prescription to get a card.  A card is necessary to buy this food, as apparently prescription dog food requires a prescription.

After a lunch of a chicken breast, french fries and green beans at Chicken Express, I walked in Russell Creek Park in Plano. I walked around the pond, and enjoyed it, but found the weather very cold.

In the afternoon, I worked on some papers for family business. I made a lot of progress, but wish to make more progress. In the evening, my wife went to have dinner and a movie with a former co-worker. I had picked up some things to prepare for dinner. I used my hotpot to prepare catfish, shrimp, broccoli and chayotte squash. It all came out pretty good.

Sunday morning I hiked the Chisholm Trail near Rainier Drive. At Weight Watchers, I was down a little. I have held my weight for a good while now. I seem to have the hang of it--supplemented by weekly meetings, various apps, and a lot of focus on what I eat.

After Weight Watchers, I headed to Oak Point Park. There the park lake is lined with sidewalks. The temperature was 2 degrees C. below zero. I hesitated over whether to take a walk at first, as a little sleet began to fall. But I resolved to walk the mile around the pond. I was glad I did so. I saw a Savannah Sparrow, my first of the year. I also got some fun photos of an Eastern Bluebird by the lake.

At church the Reverend Jessica Wright gave a fine sermon. I thought about the hymn "What a Friend", which is often recorded as a treachly "old time religion" gospel tune,but it really has a simple directness that I like.

After church, ate at the Subway sandwich shop.  I walked in Allen Station Park. The cold had relented a bit, but it was still quite cold. In the late afternoon, I walked in Glendover Park. I saw an American Kestrel dive-bomb toward a bird, but draw back unfulfilled.  Even though the sun was out, I still found the cold pervasive. After my walk, I stopped by the public library, and got a new library card. My old one had apparently gone off system. When I go to the library, I usually read magazines rather than check out a book. I am glad to get my card renewed. I am with a song from the children's television show "Arthur"--"having fun isn't hard if you have a library card".

Now we are watching "Victoria" on PBS.

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sad violence

Last night a policeman in Richardson got killed while investigating a disturbance call at an apartment complex. The shooter is in cutody, having also killed another man. The location was within five miles of my office, This was the first such a loss in the history of this suburban police department. This is such a tragedy.

Work was productive today. i had chicken for lunch, cereal for breakfast, and home-made pizza for dinner.

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by the shore

I started a little late this morning.  I did not get to Car Care Central until 8:10 a.m.  Fortunately, my non-functioning headlight lamp proved an easy fix. I was on the road again a bit after 9 a.m., and at work by 9:35.  The garage treated me well--the bill came to 22 dollars, which is about what I think it should be.

I had a 12:00 lunch meeting in Rockwall. I ate at the Oar House, a very good Italian place. I like that part of Rockwall right by Lake Ray Hubbard. Someday I'd like to take a weekend to stay in the Hilton hotel by the lakeshore. My ideal would be to have a kayak or a little boat.  Within walking distance are some good restaurants and a movie theater.

After work, I stopped at Bob Woodruff Park. I got a nice walk in, though I did not see a lot in the way of wildlife. Things got pretty cold again this week, at least cold by our standards. Last night a little rain fell, causing some concern about potential icy weather. But it worked out fine. We still have not gotten a proper snowfall this year. We usually get a few inches a year, though sometimes those inches come in late Winter.

Now I am watching cheetahs on PBS.

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