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fixing the desktop

I worked a solid day. Tonight we ate pot roast. I figured out how to solve keyboard lag problem on my operating system's Trinity Desktop. Now it works perfectly. The solution had to do with fixing an accessibility setting, though i am not sure i can duplicate it.

The actor Tim Robbins, on a late night talk show, described delivering a pizza to Kate jackson.

Tomorrow I plan for more work indoors.

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Tuesday of last week, we set up arrangements for switching our office to a work-from-home situation. Monday we arranged the final details. Yesterday, we began working primarily from home, with some provision to go to the office when the need arises. I worked at my laptop at home yesterday quite productively.  I sit at my laptop today.

Yesterday I did not drive my car or go out to any establishment. I did take a walk in Glendover Park by my home in the morning, where so few people were out that I easily kept a good bit of distance. My neighbor down the street and I said "hello" from many feet away, across Landsford Drive. 

After Dallas County to our south issued a fairly strong stay-at-home order, my county, Collin County, issued a fairly weak stay-at-home order that permitted most businesses to stay open. I think the Dallas County order is nearer the mark as things unfold.  

In the late afternoon, after work, I walked from my home to Spirit Park. This walk also proved mostly uneventful, but twice I had to pull off to the side to let people pass to avoid coming into proximity of other people. I will go to less popular parks from now on.

We watched the "This is Us" season finale last night and enjoyed it very well.

I got up this morning and wrote some checks for some family business bills. Then I drove to the post office to mail them, as placing them in my outgoing mail does not always result in efficient pick-up. Afterward, i walked in Allen Station Park for half an hour, and had the southern half of the park to myself. I saw 12 species of birds, and then I headed home. Now I am ready for another day's work.

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Changed Times

We live in a new reality. I feel grateful for the internet and for computer technology. Tomorrow the site bandcamp.com is implementing an artist-friendly music sale. I plan to buy some music to support artists.

Work continues forward. But courts are closed. Meetings turn into phone calls. Laptops travel home and to work.

The Trinity River Audubon Center closed.  Restaurants are all about takeout.

The infection rate known in our area is low so far. But testing has been less than robust.

We will see what happens. I am cautiously hopeful, but recognize that the worst is ahead.

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virus intro

The days fly by. The change wrought by the Coronavirus, Corvid-19 restrictions descended on our metroplex today. My own suburban county has had a light load so far, but the near future promises challenges. I feel the way I felt during past life-disrupting historical events.

Friday we went to Tucson to visit my wife's step-mother. I watched the news carefully before we departed. Because both my area and southern Arizona had few diagnosed cases, we decided not to cancel the trip. As the weekend wore on the restrictions began to be put in place in Dallas County. Tonight in nearby Tarrant County, the restrictions tightened. In my home county, Collin County, the restrictions are for a moment a trifle less restrictive, but that will change soon.

In Tucson, I saw colorful and interesting birds, as I do every year. We had a great visit with my wife's step-mother. She has the supplies ready in case she is put in quarantine. I wore out a pair of walking shoes while climbing rocks.  I walked by myself in desert areas in the Catalina foothills. My wife joined me for a couple of other walks.

The planes, usually full of Spring Break celebrators, were 2/3rds full. We appear to have avoided incident.

I saw a car I never saw before called a Karma Revero. I liked blooming desert daisies. I figured out how to solve an issue with my laptop, in which I was unable to mount SD and USB cards. The solution turned out to be a simple software installation.

Today I saw my first Scissortail Flycatcher of the year.

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March into March

I read today that March 4th serves a motivational slogan purpose ("March Forth!"). I walked in light rain in Breckinridge Park today at Noon. A flock of Yellow-Rumped Warblers foraged near a sidewalk through some trees.

My wife is getting over a cold. I watched television last night as Senator Biden won surprising primary victories over Senator Sanders. Neither senator served as my first choice. I plan to vote for either senator if that senator becomes the nominee.

I remain busy at work. I got a crown replaced. My sister called me Sunday.  I need to take my nephew an overdue birthday gift. The movie "Van Helsing" came on cable the other day. I saw that movie with another nephew, now late, two weeks before he passed away unexpectedly.

An on-line acquaintance passed her written comp. examination. Friday I saw a Pine Warbler after work at Suncreek Park. I got irritated today with a credit card company. Our dog Beatrice soldiers on, elder years and all.

One of my mentors in my work passed away eight days ago. That promises to serve as its own post, someday.

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putting dreamland in its place

A bit of stress in my life causes me to dream vivid dreams. In last night's dream, I confronted a man with whom I went to high school. He often posts on Facebook with a point-of-view differering from my own. I know that a respectable school of thought dictates never following anyone of patently wrong views (in my opinion). But I attend a different school of thought.  In my dream, I set him straight, a bit like in a movie. But I suspect this dreamland event resonated only in dreamland. I woke up feeling good about it, though.

Chilly rain remains the order of the week. Tonight we watched a PBS Nature episode about stoats and weasels. We liked it very much. Now we watch the Democratic debates. I like almost all the candidates, but feel much less fond of some of the acolytes for the candidates.

Tonight when I drove home, I nearly ran out of gas. I saw my gas gauge said I ran the risk of running out in one mile. I rushed to the station and put in gas.

I like that Beatrice is putting on weight.

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Southwest Bowl and Goldilocks

I spent a good bit of my past weekend working.  I also spent a  bit of time walking in the parks. I decided to start with a very green walk. I left my home and walked to nearby Glendover Park, and then walked over to Green Park. I like a Twitter account about low-carbon birding. I figure walking to parks helps this cause in a very tiny way.

Saturday night we went to see the Stella Meghie film "The Photograph" . We enjoyed it very well--in an age of Hallmark Channel romances (which I in general enjoy), this film told an interesting story with good characters and a good soundtrack and cinematography. The Movie House and Eatery also serves a good Southwestern Bowl which I enjoy and have them hold off the Ranch dressing.

Sunday morning I found that I lost three pounds. I still await word from the dentist as to when my replacement crown arrives. Sunday afternoon I listened to a Interplanetary Society podcast about a graduate student who co-authored a paper about a Goldilock (Earth-like)  planet.

Tonight I listened to the Ana Farris podcast interview with Judy Greer. I like Judy Greer's work. I confess that sometimes I get things crossed and think of Jane Horrocks when I think of Judy Greer. They are dissimilar.  But I like both of their work for some of the same reasons.

I"m making better progress through my read of "Sonic Writing", but my progress remains measured. The book impresses me, though, with its historical context confirming my long-held view that even in "experimental" music the amount of "new under the sun" remains small. I moved my recordings on my digital recorder to my desktop. Now I hanker to use some mallets to make new recordings to use in interesting ways.

Last week's cold gave way to today's warmth. But things change.

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I dealt with lots of things today at work. This means tomorrow I can deal with more things. I remembered to drop my shirts at the dry cleaners. My theory is that small interactions like dry cleaner staff and grocery store staff help one's humility and mental health.

The cold today kept me out of the cold at lunch, but I walked after work on the Chisholm Trail. I jumped to the right when a man politely said "on your left."

Saturday I plan to walk in my neighborhood.

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Cold Rainy Week

Saturday I worked on a couple of work matters. I drove to Russell Creek Park in Plano for a walk. I also walked in Glendover Park. Saturday evening we ate at AKA, a hibachi place. The food was pretty good. Saturday night we started "Parasite", but stopped watching midway through the film. The film was a good film (it won the Best Picture Oscar the next day), but it was a bit of downer for us that night. 

Sunday I walked on Watters Branch Trail. I was slightly up at Weight Watchers, but no big deal. I walked on the Hoblitzelle Trail as well.
In the afternoon, I walked in the afternoon.

I made progress on the ebook I am reading, "Sonic Writing". I begin to pick up the pace a bit. Sunday afternoon I went to the Atrium Arts event at our church. The guitar quartet did a pretty good job, playing classical guitar standards. I only know one or two songs on my can-jo from the set.

Monday through Wednesday involved cold, cold weather. A promise of wintry mix went unfulfilled, but cold rains fell until this afternoon.

Last night my wife went to the Baylor Hospital to stay with a co-worker who needed someone to keep watch, as her husband had to take care of farm animals at home. She is back tonight, a bit exhausted. I only spent one night in a hospital as an adult, but I remember from that and from relatives' stays that sense of never quite getting to sleep due to constant interruption.

Lately I seem to be watching reruns of television shows like Matlock and Columbo. Matlock is a very ordinary show, but I love the way it has 90s hairstyles, shoulder pads, and computer monitors the size of microwaves (my own monitor upstairs is roughly of that vintage)

We talked about vacation plans and visiting relatives.

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New shows and Old Cold

Thursday came up cold again,but no wintry mix arrived. I walked at lunch in Bradfield Park in Garland. I saw an Orange-Crowned Warbler. I have seen three of those this Winter, which is more than usual. I see fewer than usual of the ordinarily abundant Yellow-Rumped Warbler.

After my walk, I ate a lunch of roast chicken, a roll and green beans at Golden Chick. I think that restaurants offer either Coke product or Pepsi products when I prefer that they offer both.

We watched an episode of "Midsommer Murders" that featured Harriett Walter. I find her acting a pleasure to watch, even in a role with fewer opportunities to stretch her skills. I liked her best of all as Harriet Vane some years ago.

Recently I read about an area of the Ozarks called the Arcadia Valley in Missouri, A train stops there.

I watched two new shows. One, Katy Keene, dealt with a fashionista from the Archie comics universe. The second, Tommie, dealt with a likable police captain from the Los Angeles universe. I liked both shows pretty well.

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