Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

to SF and back again

Monday afternoon I flew to San Francisco. I ate a pretzel dog for lunch before my flight. I had had some karma cocoa cereal and skim milk for breakfast. I stayed out by the airport, in Burlingame. I walked on the Bayshore Trail, where I enjoyed watching sparrows and a cute little Anna's Hummingbird.

The curious Red Roof Inn Plus at which Priceline placed me featured a good 24-hour diner. On Tuesday morning, I got up at dawn and joined the various members of assorted flight crews in catching the early shuttle to the airport. I caught an early BART train down to the Civic Center Station. I walked the few blocks to the building at which I had my morning meeting. A couple of men were sleeping on the sidewalk near the building.

I was early for my meeting, and the security guard told me the building was not open yet. I walked down the street, hunting a place to get breakfast. I found a little nook of a place with a tiny counter and three tables. I had hoped for some scrambled eggs, but settled for a plain toasted bagel.

My matter began on time and lasted until 10:45. I walked to the BART station and made a business call. Then I caught my train back to the airport. On the train, I saw a woman with an uncanny resemblance to a very long-standing friend of mine from college. I knew my friend's sister lived in San Francisco, but I did not stroll across the train to ask her if she were the sister. The chances seemed too slight so I lived in the mystery.

I took two more calls at the airport. Then I got a grilled chicken sandwich, and a banana at a burger place in the airport. I caught a plane out at 1:45. I read a Mrs. Oliphaunt novel during my flight home. I like that coincidences always advance the plot in Victorian novels.

I landed at 9:25 p.m. I stopped by a Chicken Express on the way home.

This morning I got up and had two packets of 100 calorie oatmeal. Then I headed into work to get things done. At lunch, I walked a bit in Travis Farm Park and then ate broccoli, carrots, pickles and pepperoni pizza at CiCi's Pizza.

After work I walked in Crowley Park in Richardson. At home, we ate chicken, rotini, and salad.

Now I am watching Chicago PD.

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