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chilly but only a bit [Oct. 21st, 2016|09:47 pm]
I ate Oatfit instant oatmeal for breakfast. I sorted out how to use the "fill" command better in Logo. I tried to watch a legal seminar, but it was not properly in my "seminar lobby".

The weather turned a bit cool this morning. I wore my red fleece to work. I did not need my fleece outdoors. I needed it in my office, which gets cool in these "not-really-cool but kinda-temperate" weather.

I bought a magazine at Barnes & Noble and ate a TKY sandwich and baked chips for lunch. I walked in Travis Farm Park. At our office, a nice high school senior spent a day shadowing two of our attorneys. She seemed very bright and very capable.

After work, I walked in Heritage Park in Sachse. Lots of folks were setting up a Fall festival at the school next door. I still had this simple, open-field park largely to myself. I saw a lot of Eastern Meadowlarks--my first sighting this Fall of that species. I also saw the resident Loggerhead Shrike, several migrating Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher,and a quick view of an aerial raptor that might have been a Sharp-Shinned Hawk, an American Kestrel or a Merlin, but I lean toward the kestrel choice.

We went to Rockfish Grill for dinner. I had grilled jumbo shrimp, red beans and rice, and apple cider slaw, as well as a bit of my wife's lightly blackened mahi mahi. The service was not fast, and yet it was very good.
I drove us home, as I almost never drink alcohol but my wife had a glass of pinot grigio.

Tomorrow would be the right day to go to one of our area's truly wildlife-filled reserves like Hagerman NWR. But my hankering is to go to a quiet, tree-lined park instead. We'll see.
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disparaging cowbirds [Oct. 20th, 2016|10:51 pm]
A heavy dawn rain fell in heavy drops. By time to leave for work, it largely subsided. I started my morning with Oatfit instant oatmeal. I watched a continuing legal education video in which a lawyer from Houston explained how he won a business disparagement trial for his client.

At lunch I walked in Breckinridge Park. A flock of Eastern Bluebirds was in the park. Here Eastern Bluebirds live in the park all year around. But these were northern cousins, heading further south. I also saw a flock of Brown-Headed Cowbirds in flockish but less colorful form. I thought how the newsletter from the Hagerman National Wildlife Reserve discussed Bald Eagles and American Avocets, yet I see Brown Cowbirds but do not mind a bit.

After my walk, I ate cubed pineapple, baby carrots, dill pickles and two slices of Pepperoni Pizza at Cici's.

After work, I dropped a co-workers at the local Christian Brothers mechanic shop. Then I drove to Panda Express, where I had broccoli beef, mixed vegetables, string-bean chicken, a chicken egg roll and a fortune cookie. My fortune said "you will soon find new adventure in life".

I walked briefly in Shawnee Park,and then headed home to television. I drew a house in FM Logo but realized that I need work with the fill command. My wife got home from a night out with former co-workers and the balance is restored in the universe.
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quiet day aster [Oct. 19th, 2016|10:32 pm]
I began the morning with Trix cereal and skim milk. I had a quiet, productive work day. I lunched at Potbelly on a TKY sandwich and baked chips. I walked in Travis Farm Park. After work, I walked in Murphy's Timbers Nature Preserve, where in the dusk I watched a Red-Tailed Hawk.

Instead of watching the debate, I watched an episode of a TV show called "Timeless" and made this using the program FMSLogo:
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distant migrants [Oct. 18th, 2016|09:00 pm]
When I awake, Beatrice is often nearby. Sometimes she nuzzles nearby and rolls about on her back. When I awoke, I made Oatfit instant oatmeal. At lunch, I walked in Heritage Park in Sachse. I saw migrating Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers and the park's resident Loggerhead Shrike. I ate Golden Chick Roast Chicken and a fruit cup for lunch. After work, I stopped by Brockdale Park, by Lake Lavon. In the distance,
a handful of migrating American Kestrels were on a bare set of branches. Common Buckeye Butterflies flew nearby. I arrived home from work. My wife arrived home from her gym class. We dined on cube steaks, potato and salad.
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The Niece Light [Oct. 17th, 2016|10:17 pm]
Sunday morning my niece and I took Beatrice for a walk in the park. We paused so that she could swing on the swingset. In the late morning, we dined on scrambled eggs, back bacon and waffles fresh off the waffle iron. I took my niece to the Allen Natatorium at 1 p.m, where she enjoyed the water slide, the lazy river and the various places to play in the water. My wife took my niece to Love Field to her flight home. We enjoyed having our niece visit.

In the late afternoon, I watched sports, walking around the little circle from our TV room to our dining room and back for exercise. In the early evening, I walked in Glendover Park.

On Monday morning, I woke and ate Trix cereal. I failed Sunday night to charge my cell phone, so I put it back on the charger. I stopped by Wal-Greens to pick up a thank you card I made. When I checked in the package, the card was missing. The attendant found the card in the back and solved the issue. I was glad I had checked my merchandise before I left the store. I was glad to find I had a leftover Batman stamp in my office. Everything is better with a Batman stamp.

I walked in Salmon Park in Sachse and then ate Church's chicken and fries. After work, I went to Weight Watchers. I was up 3.8 pounds, a bit more than usual--probably a mix of a huge Indian buffet and too many bananas. I did not worry much about it, as I find it's not useful to obsess week to week. I'll make adjustments and get back on track.

I walked on the Chisholm Trail and looked at more Monarch butterflies. As my wife was working late, I ate a turkey sandwich and baked chips from Subway. I settled in to watch once more the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called "The Inner Light"--my favorite episode of that series.I never tire of watching it.
I was pleased to read that in 1992, when it first aired, it won a Hugo Award.
The episode was first aired more than twice as many years as my visiting niece has been alive.
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(no subject) [Oct. 16th, 2016|12:18 am]
My niece and I ate skim milk and Trix while we waited for my wife to awake. My wife had a yogurt, and we headed to the train station. We caught the Red Line train to downtown Dallas. For my Missouri niece, the ride marked her first experience with a commuter train.

The train turned out to be unduly crowded, as a world of folks headed to downtown Dallas for a Race for the Cure anti-cancer event. We switched to the Green Line at Pearl Station and got off at the Fair Park exit.

The Fair Park exit is directly adjacent to the park itself, where the State Fair was in full session. We headed into the park and began a fun day. Among the things we did were the following:

1. my niece did an "obstacle course" sponsored by Nissan;
2. we rode the lovely Texas Star ferris wheel;
3. We watched the Boer Goat competition. We liked the elementary school girl who was one of the persons showing goats;
4. our niece tried a rope-climbing competition but failed to win a prize;
5. our niece fed goats with a little plastic shovel at the barnyard exhibition;
6. we ate hot dogs rather than fried anything;
7. we enjoyed the tropical butterfly house;
8. a nice but curious man at lunch told us of the travails of being a father to a 2 year old at age 56 and made a curious exhortion to nobody in particular that he thought folks ought to vote for Mr. Trump even though nobody likes Trump. I find myself a bit amazed by the various conspiracy theories or know-nothing philosophies that lead people to continue to support Mr. Trump despite the evidence he should not be president. His 2-year-old hurt herself slightly slipping from a seated position onto a picnic bench, but seemed to be all right. The child's mother was very nice;
9. We saw the Air Force Academy marching band march by, heading for a football game in the Cotton Bowl stadium;
10. I strongly suspect that Tiny Tim, the "smallest horse on earth", is not indeed the smallest;
11. We did not score our usual haul of useless freebies, but the towel that came out of the package cold was worthwhile;
12. We missed the butter sculpture and the shelter dog show;
13. the train home was again pleasant; and
14. the weather was a bit warmer than ideal October fair weather.

On the way home, we stopped by Braum's ice cream emporium to get my niece a cookies 'n' cream cone. We dined at Texas Land and Cattle. I had a 6 oz. filet mignon, grilled shrimp, a dry baked potato and broccoli crowns.

My niece announced that a favorite show on Nickelodeon had a "big reveal", so we adjourned home so that she could see it. As my wife napped, I watched television with her, while keeping up with sports scores via espn.com. I liked the positive, upbeat messages of the shows my niece watched.

Later, she rented A Dolphin's Tale II. My wife woke up and watched with us. Now it is a little after midnight, and I am winding down from a full day.
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visitor from a small planet [Oct. 14th, 2016|09:37 pm]
Dark clouds in the morning produced rain at Noon. I ate Oatfit apples and cinnamon instant oatmeal for breakfast. At lunch, I drove in sprinkly weather in Breckinridge Park, where a lovely male American Kestrel enchanted. After work, I walked a bit in Shawnee Park while listening to Radio NZ National. I stopped for Kroger for state fair tickets and bananas. When I got home, my wife and our 11 year old niece were already home. We ate multi-grain ravioli and salad. My niece turned on a Disney Channel movie. She went up to bed at 9:30 p.m. We are glad she is here.
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cautionary silliness [Oct. 13th, 2016|10:04 pm]
This morning went along useful but unoriginal paths. I ran a load of laundry. I ate some Kix cereal and skim milk. I finished an on-line legal seminar about ethics and modern technology. The presentation was less high-tech than common sense. The presenter told cautionary tales of unwise attorneys who weblogged about their clients in public posts.

During the commute to work, I learned that Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature.I found myself without a strong opinion about this idiosyncratic choice.

I spent a practical day at work doing practical things. At lunch I walked in Heritage Park in Sachse. I saw stalks of Maximilian Sunflowers amid the browned grasses. I saw the resident Loggerhead Shrike standing atop a yellow tower on the ballfield.

I went to CiCi's Pizza for lunch. They made me a custom sausage, a bit tardily, and I ate it as well as broccoli, carrots and dill pickles as I read the Economist.

After work, I stopped by Timber Narrows Park in Murphy. There I saw a flock of House Sparrows, a Carolina Wren, an American Kestrel some Eastern Bluebirds, a Northern Cardinal, a Cooper's Hawk and the first Winter Sparrow I have seen this Autumn. I think the sparrow was a White-Throated, but my view of it was imperfect--the other candidate was a Chipping Sparrow.

We dined in roast beef sandwiches and talked about our weekend to come. We watched the television show "The Blacklist", which is now a bit too dark for my tastes. I do like "The Good Place" with Kristen Bell.
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Viceroy [Oct. 11th, 2016|09:41 pm]
Monday I worked a bit later than usual. When I got home, we watched television, and ate little pork loins, broccoli and couscous with raisins. Earlier, for lunch, I had a TKY sandwich at Potbelly with garden vegetable soup and baked chips. My breakfast was Kix cereal with skim milk.

I read about Brexit in The Economist. We walked Beatrice in the dark.

This morning I got up early and made a program in Logo to draw a little flower. I
tried to do a screen capture video, but I am not yet good with the simple software to do that. I walked in Salmon Park in Sachse and followed a Viceroy Butterfly as if flitted here and there. After work I stopped in Bethany Lakes Park in Allen. I watched leisurely Monarch Butterflies fly by. We dined on French Dip sandwiches.

Now we are watching Chicago Fire while Beatrice lounges on her Mississippi bed.
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anniversary party [Oct. 9th, 2016|11:28 pm]
I got up this morning and ate instant oatmeal. I walked in Highpoint Park in Plano and then went to Weight Watchers. I was down 1.2 pounds, bringing my total list to 99.8 pounds.

After Weight Watchers, I went to Shawnee Park. I saw a Red-Bellied Woodpecker on a bare branch. Then I headed to First UMC for church. I liked the hymns. The pastor giving the sermon mentioned the current Trump issue, in measured but easy-to-decipher terms.

I ate two slices of pepperoni pizza, dill pickles and baby carrots at CiCi's. I drove my car to Goodyear, and dropped it off to get my tire issue solved. My wife came and picked me up, as the Goodyear had only one technician on duty, necessitating a wait.

My car was ready at 3 p.m. It turned out there had been another puncture. Goodyear fixed it without charging me. I will take future paid business there.

At half-time of the televised Dallas Cowboys football game, my wife and I walked Beatrice. She had a great time.

At 7 p.m., we headed to Richardson for a 25th wedding anniversary party for a fellow I know. The party was held in a huge party room occupying a floor of a building. Almost everyone but a handful of folks were from India.

When we headed to dinner, a huge buffet was laid on. We followed a suggestion that we start at the chaat bar. Nice folks made us little plates of chaat, from my quick reading it was a papdi chaat.

From the entree lines, I got a little bit of roast chicken, a bit of lentils, a "chicken pop", some shrimp, some roti, a great roti-like flatbread a bit like roti but with a slight hint of sweetness, and little bits of other things.

For dessert I had a plate of lots of fresh fruit, along with a tiny bit of kheer and a tiny bit of halwa.

We really enjoyed the part when the celebrating couple re-created a wedding dance. Then their early 20s daughters did a cool dance. Then their younger sons did their dance. Then the kids did a modern dance. I also liked the way that the hosts recognized one cousin who had just gotten her CPA designation and several folks celebrating birthdays. After the formal celebration parts, the dance floor erupted with kids and young adults dancing to Indian songs which were more of a melange of electronica, pop, hip hop, techno and some traditional Indian-sounding melodies.

We had a great time. Our hosts were great. The great Desi community traditional, modern and blended varieties of attire were fun to see. The people were nice. We had a good time. I have to work tomorrow, so we could not stay but the better part of 3 hours. But I am glad we got to go.
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